Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA May 2009
Entertainment Technology Center, Master of Entertainment Technology
Teaching Assistant: Programming - Building Virtual Worlds
Northeastern University, Boston MA May 2007
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, magna cum laude
Honors: Dean’s Scholarship, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Golden Key Society, Dean’s List
Activities: American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME); American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE); Northeastern Rugby (Captain, Equipment Secretary, Field Secretary)
Active-Adventure (Programmer / Game Designer) Spring / Fall 2008

The Winds of Orbis
• Built a single level tutorial of an exercise game for children ages 7-12
• Developed software that used active inputs like the Wii Remote and a DDR Dance pad
• Responsible for all enemy AI as well as numerous other gameplay features (design and implementation)
• Created a horizontal slice of gameplay that involved over 15 new and unique mechanics

Directed Study: Educational Game Design (Programmer) Spring 2007
Shortfall Digital
• Designed and developed educational game in Flash to teach environmentally benign manufacturing
• Responsible for gameplay design, educational content and all programming aspects
• Tested the game on 80 undergraduate and graduate level engineers
Capstone Design (Project Leader) Fall 2005 / Fall 2006
Design and Implementation of Patient Specific Ankle-Foot Orthotic Devices
• Led professional level team project to solve a real world problem
• Responsible for research, design, prototype development (hardware), analysis and testing
Introduction to Engineering (Programmer) Fall 2004 / Fall 2006
So you want to be an Engineer?
Design and creation of a Macromedia Flash based game to teach students about different engineering majors. Feedback taken to help with development of new active learning techniques.
Advanced Writing for the Disciplines Fall 2004
An Active Learning Approach to Engineering Design using LEGO Mindstorms Robots
Research paper discussing the use of Active Learning in freshman engineering design courses. Paper included sample lessons plans for the use of LEGO Mindstorms Robots as learning tools.
Conduit Labs, Cambridge MA January 2009 - Present
Gameplay engineer working on new games, game mechanics and experiences for Responsible for designing, prototyping, balancing, developing and deploying new games. Helped to improve the tutorial experience as well as metagame and eldergame dynamics.
Walt Disney Imagineering, Glendale CA Summer 2008
Intern working with the Creative Technology Group. Developed new shader framework to enhance graphical quality of pre-visualization simulations. Prototyped numerous special effects and experiences. Responsible for deployment of new design and display tools and technologies.
MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington MA Spring 2004 / 2005 / 2007
Co-op student working with the Optical Systems Engineering group.  Utilized Nastran/Patran for static, thermal and modal analyses, use of Solid Works for design.  Used Matlab for image analysis, translation, data reduction and data representation.  Participated in several laboratory tests which included work on the setup, monitoring and data collection for each experiment.  Worked as a member of several multidisciplinary teams and held many different roles.
Procter and Gamble / Gillette, Boston MA Spring & Summer 2006
Co-op student working in the Bioinstrumentation group. Extensive work with Matlab, specifically for data and image analysis. Worked on design for hardware and software of new skin testing device. Developed testing and analysis technique for clinical trials, including protocol design.
MIT Haystack Observatory, Westford MA Spring 2002
Senior internship working on statistical analysis of solar geomagnetic storms. Included doing analysis as well as writing a formal paper (published in the Journal of Undergraduate Study and Independent Research), creating a website and giving several Power Point presentations.
Active-Adventure: A New Way to Play
Games for Health 2009 - Boston, Massachusetts
Carnegie Mellon University Spring 2009
An Analysis of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Well Played 1.0
Spring 2009
Games and Whole Body Interfaces
SIGCHI 2009 - Boston, Massachusetts
Carnegie Mellon University Spring 2009
New Voices in Serious Games
Game Developers Conference - San Francisco, California
Carnegie Mellon University Spring 2009
Active Adventure: Creating an Immersive Exercise Game for Kids
Games + Learning + Society Conference 4 - Madison, Wisconsin
Carnegie Mellon University Summer 2008
Student Postmortem: ETC's The Winds of Orbis
Carnegie Mellon University Summer 2008
Changing the Social Stigma of Exercise Gaming Through Design
Playing to Win - Penn State University
Carnegie Mellon University Spring 2008
Dreamcraft 101
The Escapist
Spring 2008
Student Postmortem: Northeastern University's Shortfall Digital
Northeastern University
Summer 2007
Evolution of Multiplayer Educational Simulations: Board Games to Broadband
Games + Learning + Society Conference 3 Madison, Wisconsin
Northeastern University
Summer 2007
Managing the Tradeoffs in the Digital Transformation of an Educational
Board Game to a Computer-based Simulation

Sandbox: an ACM Video Game Symposium San Diego, California
Northeastern University
Summer 2007
Statistical Analysis of Solar Geomagnetic Storm Occurrences
Journal of Undergraduate Studies and Independent Research
MIT Haystack Observatory
Issue 3 - Winter 2002
Applications: Matlab, AutoCAD, Nastran/Patran, Abaqus, Solid Works, Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop
Programming: Java, C/C++, HTML, CSS, PHP, Scheme, Actionscript 2.0
Scuba Diving, Writing Fiction, Website Design (, Competitive Gaming, Game Design
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