Building Virtual Worlds is the most interesting class I have ever taken. The idea is to put together groups of four people each with a different responsibility: Programmer, Sound, 2D Artist and 3D Artist. These groups are given two weeks to create working virtual worlds on a wide range of platforms ranging from the Jam-O-Drum to the Head Mounted Display.

My role is programmer for this semester. We use Panda3D as our software platform, which is a game enginer built in Python. I have also helped out as a modeller and gameplay designer on several of my worlds.

This video displays our world from round 1. The objective was to create a world where the guest is helping a character that is afraid of another. Our world for this round was on the Jam-O-Drum.

Our goal for this round was to create a world where a naive guest can have a feeling of freedom but still experience our world without a single verbal instruction. This round our platform was the Head Mounted Display.

This was one of my worlds that made it into the BVW 2007 Show. The challenge of this round was that we had to create a world in 10 days. Our group ended up changing our idea with only four days left. It was very exciting to make and turned out to be amazingly fun to play.

This was the finale for the BVW 2007 Show. My group was responsible for the grand ending that involved the entire class dancing and the characters all dancing on screen. This was a blast to make, but we barely finished bringing it together right before the show was ready to start.
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